An evening with vintage singers, The Seatones takes you right back to the 1940`s, 50's and 60`s whether that be dancing the night away with a bit of swing dancing, the Charleston Shuffle or jumpin' and a jivin' to some of our 60's numbers!

We love the range of outfits which we get to wear from our British WAAF Uniforms to the Audrey Hepburn style dresses with a net petticoat to figure hugging wiggle dresses!

But if you'd like to know a little bit more about each one of us then have a read of our individual profiles below and find out a few of our secrets!

Dawn - The Seatones

Dawn a secret Madness fan and used to sport a flat top hairstyle!

She loved singing from a very young age and has memories as a child performing 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' whilst her Gran accompanied her on the piano!

Over the years she has played the cello, trombone and piano.

She's also not averse to treading the boards and has starred in shows such as Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and in a Murder Mystery troupe where she always seemed to get cast as the promiscuous one!.

She is The Seatones I.T. guru and keeps the website and Facebook pages up and running.


.....confesses to pretending to like the bands of her youth so that she fitted in with her friends at school but then once back home would spend her time listening to Glenn Miller!

In her spare time she helps out a local soup kitchen and supports her husband Mick with fundraising and supporting a number of local charities.

As an accomplished musician who continues to teach piano each week and has conducted a local choir on numerous occasions, she keeps The Seatones harmonies to the professionally high standard that they have become known for. 


..... has worked in a Butlin's Holiday Camp as a Bingo Caller and all round entertainer!

Her fantastic vocal range and soulful sounding voice means that she blows your socks off when she covers songs from Everytime We Say Goodbye to Twistin' the Night Away or Mamma Said.  She's the real Soul Sister of the group!

She has performed locally as a soloist, in small groups and choirs and achieved Rock School Vocal Grades.

She manages all The Seatones bookings and keeps everything in order and more recently has turned her hand at writing our Blog!